Stock Trading Strategy CRANK1.2 Gives You a Pin Point High Momentum Explosive Pop Entry Point So You Can Line Up to Buy or Short at Premium Profit Entry Points

Wouldn’t it be great to only to only trade the best moves in a stock?   That would be great. The question is how do you know when the best stuff loser going to happen? How is that possible?


crank12boxWell for those of you who have been involved in stock investing over the years there’s a way to enter and exit stocks that is based on A stock’s price behavior. What is price behavior? It is the behavior, the way a stock moves up and down. There are patterns, mathematical patterns, Visual patterns that all financial instruments follow.


Price action on a chart is like A specific language. Are any of you musicians? For those of you who haven’t experience in music, particularly classical music can’t understand the concept of music being its own language on it’s own, Besides the words. Well Price movement on a stock chart moves and communicates with its own language. It has its own letters, it’s own words its own sentences in its own paragraph. And each stock writes its own story!


CRANK1.2 is a particular price action trading set up that basically says” oh crap!” (at least that is one interpretation…) and bolts the other way. Here’s a (extreme) scenery picture for you: imagine you’re walking through the woods and you lean up against a part of a tree, and all of a sudden you feel a stinging sensation and realize that you leaned up against a hornets nest. So you start bolting, Taking off running. That’s an extreme example. You’ll see how it works once you have the course.


To make fortunes in the stock market you don’t need to be trying to capture every single move there is. Actually that leads most people into trouble and get some quite distracted. All you need to do is lineup the best trade setups and only do those!


Yes it’s common sense only trade the best trading setups but when you see moves flying by that you’ve missed your humanity will tend to get upset that it is missing out. Well now, we can’t be greedy cant wait? Greed is not the way to success in the stock market. But there is plenty to go around for profits in the stock market and if you can just be more choosy maybe you could have more success too!




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