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Stock Trading Courses:

  1. How to Out Perform Warren Buffet Yourself Year to Year $77
  2. How to Short a Stock and Make Faster Fortunes to the Downside $77
  3. How to Find and Trade Big Price Moves $197
  4. How to Trend Trade Stocks $197
  5. How to Swing Trade Stocks $197
  6. How to Day Trade Stocks for a Living $197
  7. How to Trade the 4 Earning Season Cycles $197

Stock Trading Strategies:

  1. CRANK
  2. Coming soon.  Join newsletter to hear announcement.
    • Stock Home Run Sniper Strategy –
    • ParabolcX – Coming soon.  Join newsletter to hear announcement.
    • Cash POP Strategy
    • BREAKER Stock trading strategy

Stock Trading Systems

  1. LEVITY2.5
  2. CANION7
  3. PBX9
  4. NWO8
  5. POLARITY2.0
  6. UTOPIA2
  7. SG41

We could list 40, 50, 60… different strategies and systems for you on this page which could be effective. But I think that will probably confuse you so let’s make some funnels.  Let us give you some direction from our opinion on where to start in stock trading.

There are many, many different ways to approach trading successfully in the stock market. Ultimately you have to pick a method to go for. You need to find a method that you simply like. And while taking a journey you’re to learn valuable and critical information every step of that journey.

Firstly you’re going to have to learn some fundamentals about stocks and how to trade successfully in general. There are many pitfalls in stock trading but you can learn to avoid those pitfalls and keep your mind focused on the right track.

Many many people have learned how to trade stocks for a good living. I think you can too don’t you?

You’ll need to focus on having cash flow, will having that cash flow fund your net worth building accounts. Yes we need to focus primarily on net worth and then have cash flow build up the net worth.  And our net worth building will be done through investing in larger price swings and bigger trends. Our cash flow generation train will require our immediate attention but the network building types of trades require little attention, as little as five minutes a night. So it all works out.

 Stock Trading Systems

A stock trading system is a method of entry and exit based on a set of rules. These set of rules looks you execute a stock trading strategy over and over without much extra thought or optimization. With a stock system we look to “smash out” profits through the net results between revenues and costs.

Revenues are considered to be “winning trades” and costs are considered to be “losing trades”. The difference between both eagles a net profit. We used trading systems to take our emotions and thoughts out of the trading process as much as possible. This can lead to far greater returns, potentially. Obtain your stock trading ‘operations manual’ for a blueprint for entry and exit on your stocks.



 PBX9-stocktrendtradingsystem  LEVITY25-stockupswingonlytradingsystem
Stock Trend Trading System PBX9 Goes for the “Jugulars” Trigger of a Parabolic Trend  Target the Most Powerful and Fastest Moving Price Trends on Stocks, on Purpose! – More Info For those of you were allergic to shorting stock and only want to buy stock.  LEVETY2.5 Has the Power to Turn You into a Potential Instant Stock Buying Genius. Get the System. Brag About Your Trades. But Don’t Reveal Your Secret! – More Info




 NWO8-Stock Power Swing Pop Trading System  CANION7-stockgaptradingsystem
Fantastic swing – power trend system for scooping up move after move on stocks. Capture the swing. Now you’ll always have a plan for entry and exit. Go for the big chunks. Bye Low. Sell high. Then sell short high and buyback low. – More Info We’ve Done Some Amazing thins with Price Gaps – Discover How We’ve Shaped CANION7 into a Powerful, Consistent Stock Trading System. – More Info


Stock Trading Strategies

 stock trading strategies  CRANK12-Stock-Trading-Strategy
Powerful Stock Trend Trading Strategy Gives You the Ability to Ride Potential Big Moves on COMMAND – More Info Stock Trading Strategy CRANK1.2 Gives You a Pin Point High Momentum Explosive Pop Entry Point So You Can Line Up to Buy or Short at Premium Profit Entry Points – More Info



    CRANK13-Stock-Trading-Strategy  CRANK14-Stock-Trading-Strategy
 Add on to CRANK1.2.  Only available for purchase after you have purchased CRANK1.2  Add on to CRANK1.2.  Only available for purchase after you have purchased CRANK1.2


 16-POLARITY stock trend investing system10-fortress
POLARITY2.3  Like a thief in the night, sneak into trends and swings, claiming much more potential price mileage than an standard day bar swing.  Have more control over your entries and exits. Gain more confidence in your trading.  – More Info  FORTRESS3.0 Stock Trend Trading system gives you an exact plan to capturing almost every single trend in swing in a stock. – More info



 big move stock trading stock investing system  stock swing trading system

 stock swing trading system

 Stock Trading Courses

How to Out Perform Warren Buffet Yourself Year After Year”   $77

Winning in Stock Trading & How to Stop Losing” $97

 Get your edge, at least theoretically speaking, since there is a difference between thinking and doing. Shoot for the stars if you want to at least hit the moon… But you’ll never go far without creating a plan.

  1. What a bold claim!
  2. Your edge #1 Over Warren
  3. Your Edge #2 Over Warren
  4. Learning from Warren
  5. Why you don’t need the patience and extremely long term vision of Warren
  6. There is No Secret Except the Strategy
  7. Let’s Get Down to Business
  8. Just Say NO to Buy and Hope
  9. Investing? Really?
  10. Invest in a Price Trend instead
  11. Invest in the Mechanics of a Price Action System, Even Better
  12. Transforming Investing into a Trading Business
  13. Running Your Stock Trading Like You Would a Retail Business
  14. Business Expansion Concepts
  15. How Can We Increase Revenues?
  16. How Can We Cut Costs While Increasing Profitability?
  17. How Do I Get My Self to Trade a System?
  18. How Do I Prevent Myself from Being Distracted?
  19. What’s the Best Style of Trading? Swing, Day, Range or Trend Trading?
  20. How Much Money Do I Put Into Each Trade?
  21. Goal Setting in Trading
  22. Reverse Engineering Your Long Term Goals into an Exact Plan



How to Short a Stock and Make Faster Fortunes to the Downside” $77

How to Find and Trade Big Price Moves” $197

How to Trend Trade Stocks $197

How to Swing Trade Stocks $197


How to Day Trade Stocks for a Living $197

How to Trade the 4 Earning Season Cycles $197

 Stock Day Trading Systems

 Stock Day Trading Systems:stock day trading system More coming soon but consider making QUICKBANK8.5 as fast as possible. Why let money keep slipping by?
 Obtain a super solid day trading system with QUICKBANK8.5.  You’ll be ready to start day trading stocks quickly.  Everything you need to know is right here to trade for a potential very good living:  more info





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Stock Trading Systems


Stock Trading Strategies

A stock trading strategy is a method of entry and exit that looks to optimize a particular price chart events. This means we will use a strategy that combines different factors to try to pinpoint the best entries.

Stock Trading Courses


  • The Trading Systems Portfolio Concept
  • Winning in Stock Trading:  Why You’re Losing and Exactly How to Fix It to Become a Consistent, Winning Trader
  • Goal Setting in Trading
  • Trend Trading Fortunes – Setting the Trading and Money Management Plan for Compounded Returns


Stock Trading Software

Stock Trading Signals

Learn to trade stocks by rote. We will give you our trades in real time according to one of our stock trading systems or stock trading strategies.  We will send you trades by email that provide an entry price, and initial stop loss and profit taking exits when they occur.