FAQ for Stock Trading ELITE


It is important you understand what this site is all about.  This site is about trading.  We are not brokers.  We don’t trade for you.  We are an education company that develops stock trading courses, systems and strategies.   What’s a system or a strategy?  It’s an “algorithm” a set of rules that tell the trader exactly where and when to get in and out of a stock.

  1. How much money can I make?  We can’t guarantee you any future returns.  But you can look at each system’s past performance record. Past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.There has been a lot of bad financial advertising over the years giving investors ideas of guaranteed returns.  Every time you have your money in the markets your money is at risk. In order to potentially make superior returns you must take a chance.  That’s how it works, that’s how life works in fact.

    That said, historical results of a system do offer a good chance at potential future success. We create our systems based off of price action fundamentals that have stood the test of time.

  2. Can I trade your systems in my IRA?  Most of our systems involve shorting.  But… you can just trade the upside trades only.  Or you can use our strategies to hone into one time optimized events. If you don’t see any systems for going long only contact us and we’ll work one up for you.
  3. Is this risky?  Yes and no.  Yes it’s risky in that you don’t learn the system, if you start breaking the rules, if you don’t pay attention, price action of the markets could change in character (i.e. a high flyer stock could become dormant), stocks can always gap against your or in your favor overnight due to news etc. etc.  On the other hand, in my opinion,  running a trading system is more safe and gives a greater chance at superior returns in that a good trading system will be able to follow most of the ups and downs of the market.  A good trading system makes money when your stocks are going up and makes money when  your stocks are going down – or at least keeps you out of the markets when your stock starts gong down if you can’t short a stock.
  4. Can I use your systems to make a fortune?   Potentially, yes.   You can potentially use a good trading system or strategy to make a fortune trading the stock market.  We don’t guarantee you any returns of course as you should know how that goes by now.