We’ve Done Some Amazing thins with Price Gaps – Discover How We’ve Shaped CANION7 into a Powerful, Consistent Stock Trading System.

 This is a Brilliant System and a Powerful Weapon to Add to Your Stock Trading Arsenal!

Someone had to do it! You knew that there was money in gap trading but maybe did not know exactly how to capture that money every time.   You will now!

For the longest time I simply ignore gaps. I didn’t need them. Until one day I saw something. I saw an interweaving patterns that started to connect, makes sense. I did some testing and tweaking and CANION1 was born. And after several workweeks this system we get to CANION7 which is what you have the opportunity to purchase today.

The great thing about this system is that has been extremely solid overtime. It takes only a few minutes a night or before the open to trade. Making a habit out of trading the system could potentially be a very lucrative one overtime.

The key to building wealth is to do the little things that bill up net worth. Those should try to go only for the big score most often lose out on building large network Down the road. Why is that? Because those who build wealth step-by-step tend to get into you good wealth success habits. Those habits become automatic and wealth gets built automatically.

Why would you want to get this system? Because it’s a dang good system. In fact, we consider it foolish to not be running the system at all times ourselves.

What can CANION7 Do for YOU?

  • This is a gap trading based system
  • I trades in 5 to 10 minutes a night or before the next day’s open
  • You get your stop to enter, stop loss orders set and you don’t need to watch the stock the whole day
  • You get our profit taking maximization strategies
  • You get our money management system and other strategies
  • Most of all you get a powerful trading system that you’ll soon see would be like throwing away money not to run this at all times!
  • Has been a super solid performer over the years.
  • Use to catch up to Warren Buffet?  Hey, whatever you believe you can achieve!

Performance: systems results sample:

Below is an example of systems results for the CANION7 stock gap trading system. The results are based off of the entry and exit rules of the system while factoring in slippage. This means that if you would’ve executed the system entries and exits over the same period time you would have had similar results.



Trade 1 Trade 2  2012 12 Month Sample 1.08 2011 15 Month Sample
2.89 1.38
3.06 -0.89
39.05 30.68 2.39
-5.08 21.88 0.75
0.42 13.87 -0.76 W 27
-3.95 W 25 0.88 L 7
55.34 25.72 L 9 2.48 T 34
-11.48 T 34 0.65 W % 79.41%
34.12 Winning % 73.53% 5.16 ROI Cash 59.43%
-1.98 ROI 139.95% -1.67
9.17 1.82
5.87 -1.78
89.36 68.11 -1.85
9.32 -10.73 0.6
10.04 -10.73 2.08
12.6 54.25 4.67
58.21 25.18 0.23
2.18 20.13 1.03
24.4 -5.74 0.68
-18.91 -1.32
34.22 2.48
6.17 2.08 11-Dec
-15.23 -0.48 22.17
339.79 232.62 6.23
Running Totals in Stock Profit Points: 572.41 3.27 Through March 2012
32.87 Running Totals in Stock Profit Points:



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