Stock Trading ELITE is a mastermind of stock traders that have decided to teach some people how to trade stocks well.  We have our own “systems development laboratory” and we produce a lot of stock trading systems in top stock trading strategies.  Through this website you were given access to many of our proprietary stock trading systems. We hope to help a few people become extremely successful trading stocks.

Why are we doing this? Well the act of creating products for others helps us focus our minds in a better way. So therefore by us trying to help you you help us make better stock trading systems. It’s a very interesting dynamic.

Use our experience.  Our experience expands over several decades the lessons we learn can help you avoid pitfalls and get on a success track for trading stocks.Use our insights to discover brilliant new ways for trading stocks.  When you get one of our stock trading systems or strategies you’ll see we know were talking about.

We aim to make stuff that just simply “works” and that could work consistently over time based on past performance. “Although past performance isn’t necessarily indicative of future results” as the disclaimer says… it’s our only good probability bet on potential future performance.  Otherwise, what is there? A crystal ball?  Understand nothing is “guaranteed”, “safe”, “secure” or “for sure” in the market place.  If anyone uses those terms to you they are trying to sell you something – usually something not good for you.

You’ll get a new perspective through our educational courses and systems. This perspective is the key to potentially profiting consistently and vastly over time.  We’ll introduce to you the concept of having a trading plan, an exact system in a new way.   Understand this – you will never have lasting successes in the stock market without a rules based system of some sort.  There is no ‘magical stock picking ability’.  There is no crystal ball.  There is no ‘stock picking talent” (unless you are part robot).  You can not trade by feel.  Intuition quickly exhausts it self and gives way to emotional trading (which is 99.9% wrong all of the time).  The marketplace is there to steal your money from you.  It does so by manipulating your emotions.  You need to go inverse your human nature, your emotional human nature in order to succeed.  And the only way to do that is by trading a rules based system.

This site is comprised of stock trading courses, stock trading strategies, stock trading systems and we also have stock signal services which are also known as stock picks, stock alerts, stock tips for stock trading newsletters.

We differentiate correctly between trading versus investing. You can “invest in a company” but how many people actually do that? You could say Warren Buffett does that in that he now simply buys the entire company.  After that we would argue that most mutual fund and hedge fund managers are traders and not investors – they are traders.  So if you are truly an investor – what triggers your entry time and price?  What about an exit?  What if the company changes and for the worse?  When do you get out?  What if the company is overpriced?

You are in fact buying a part of the company when you buy that’s company’s stock.  So If you were to buy a local restaurant that sells tacos.  And that taco restaurant nets $100,000 a year in profit.    And let’s say throughout the entire state that the average sale price for a taco restaurant that makes $100,000 a year is $500,000.  So this restaurant is listed for $5,000,000.   Are you going to buy this restaurant? If so why? Are you being sold on ‘future hype’.

Actually we think of investing in a different way and we think that we are investors. What we invest in is price action. We invest in trends and swings. And from our viewpoint, where we look to trade as a business, investing in price action can be far more profitable with far less risk than simply pouring funds into hey company and hoping for the best.

We also understand that price action trading was not the original intention of developing the stock market. The original intention of developing the stock market was to raise funds for companies as they “go public” so those companies could do greater business with the extra capital. Then as a company performed well with that increased capital other investors would be more interested in getting that company even more money to invest more capital to expand more business. But when a company starts not performing as well then what happens to investors? Well they want to pull out their money. Wouldn’t you? But if you pull out your money when a company goes through a rough spot are you truly investing?

And who’s to say that a company will ever perform well? Stockmarket is littered with the carnage of companies that have not done well. So are we here to look out for the sake of these companies? Who’s looking out for us?!  The only person is to look out for you if you. (well us too through our products).

So we have a new way of investing.  We invest in a price action trading system as if IT is the company.  We look to have that system run “as a business” and the running of the stock trading  system as business becomes the business in which we invest.  It’s a little bit different of a way of looking at investing but now we open ourselves up to much greater control of our money regardless if the markets are going up or down.   Also we have the potential to make tremendous returns over time, far outpacing the average historical returns of the marketplace.  Start investigating our stock trading systems to see what we are talking about…